Meld Apps designs and creates professional SLP applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Our apps are a 'meld' of established speech therapy principles and cutting edge technology.

Meld Apps is founded on the belief that two minds are better than one. As a husband and wife team comprised of a computer programmer and speech language pathologist, Meld Apps is dedicated to encouraging the use of technology in speech therapy. We present our melded creations to you; may our labor of love revolutionize your service delivery for the benefit of our very deserving clients.

Maggie Kay, Speech Pathologist
One half of Meld Apps. Maggie Kay is an ASHA certified speech language pathologist with a passion for assistive technology. She currently works at a comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facility and serves as the assistive technology specialist for a local school district.

Christopher, Programmer
The other half of Meld Apps. Christopher is a programmer who specializes in all things code. He currently works full-time at Abilene Christian University as a computer programmer and is actively involved in projects for the University's mobile learning initiative.