AgeCalc is a utility application designed to quickly and accurately calculate chronological age. It provides a time-saving alternative to traditional paper/pencil calculations.

AgeCalc offers a wealth of features and customization as compared to other available chronological age calculators. These features include:

  • Accurate calculation of chronological age
  • Age calculation provided in years, months, and days
  • Customizable date format and auto fill options
  • Custom 12-key pad for speed of date input
  • Large, easy to read display

AgeCalc is specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals including speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, teachers, diagnosticians, and physicians.

With a clean interface and customizable features, AgeCalc offers ease

of use, speed, and functionality. A custom keypad is used to maximize the efficiency of data entry. For example, when entering numbers in the month field, a custom 12-key pad is provided for one touch entry of numbers representing January through December.

User preferences allow for further customization. The Date of Testing field can be auto-populated to include the current date or modified to allow for calculation of chronological age based on a previous date.

Date format options are also available. A user may choose to display dates as Year/Month/Day or Month/Day/Year per preference.