Speech Rates is a utility application designed to accurately calculate diadochokinetic syllable rates, also known as alternating motion rates (AMRs) and sequential motion rates (SMRs).

Specifically designed for use by speech-language pathologists, Speech Rates provides a means of evaluating a client's ability to produce sequenced articulatory movements. Speech Rates allows for calculation of four articulatory tasks: /pʌ/, /tʌ/, /kʌ/, and /pʌtəkə/. Syllable productions are individually counted by tapping on the task start button.

Two calculation methods are provided. By selecting 'Seconds' as the task variable in the settings menu, therapists can calculate the number of seconds needed for clients to produce a predetermined number of syllable repetitions. Syllable repetitions are established at 20 for single syllable tasks and 10 for multi-syllable tasks.

By selecting 'Repetitions' as the task variable in the settings menu, therapists can obtain the number of syllable repetitions a client is able to produce within a predetermined number of seconds. Number of seconds is established at 15 seconds for single syllable tasks and 10 seconds for multi-syllable tasks.

Calculating diadochokinetic rates has never been easier or more accurate. Tasks can be selected by tapping a specific row within the summary table allowing therapists to evaluate tasks in any order.

Each articulatory task can be individually reset to accommodate errors in client production. A total reset is also available in the lower navigation bar or by shaking the device.