S/Z Ratio is an evaluation utility for speech-language pathologists who provide assessment and/or treatment to clients with voice disorders.

With a built-in stopwatch feature, S/Z Ratio allows for the timing of a clientʼs /s/ and /z/ maximum phonation times. Once maximum phonation times are taken, an s/z ratio is instantly calculated. Calculated ratios are displayed in a color-coded fashion to provide visual feedback for quick interpretation of testing results. A reference information screen is also included to assist clinicians and clients in interpreting the obtained s/z ratio results.

Whether you specialize in voice therapy or provide treatment to the occasional client with voice disturbances, this application is a must-have. S/Z Ratio provides a wealth of features including:

  • Built-in stopwatch
  • Instant calculation of ratio
  • Color-coded display of ratios
  • Reference information screen for assistance in interpreting results
  • Single touch Start, Stop and Reset stopwatch buttons
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Displays /s/ and /z/ maximum phonation time simultaneously for easy review and discussion with clients

Consider using this application throughout the evaluation and treatment process: (1) during initial evaluations, (2) as a screening tool to identify the need for further assessment, (3) during treatment sessions for visual, instant feedback, and (4) as a re-evaluation measure of progress based on therapeutic interventions.

Replace your stopwatch and calculator with this app today, and gain some much needed time and pocket space as a result!